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Bigcarwheelz is a famous roblox rapper who first appears in "Roblox DISS TRACK on me made me WANNA STOP FACECAM"

Bigcarwheelz is first seen singing his iconic "row bux you dont!" song. When Albert approaches bigcarwheelz he says "sp!" which gets Albert real excited. The way he flirts with girls is by eat their hairs until they bleed.

Bigcarwheelz as of now is wearing a hot Walter White outfit.



"row bux"

"you dont!"

"tjis guy good!"

"i can tell!"

*eats hair*

"oh no now your blood"


"when i"




Cool B))), awsoooome and epik!!!!


  • He has a group
  • He most likely knows Flamingo
  • Don't forget that he is cool
  • Somebody actually saw bigcarwheelz and recorded it: