bigbreastedwoman was one of Albert's accounts, appearing in "THE MOST INAPPROPRIATE GAME IN ROBLOX" It was terminated by ROBLOX a video later.


bigbreastedwoman wore the "Chestnut Bun" hair, "I <3 Pizza" shirt, and "Black Jeans"

She also has the "Roundy" head and some "Orange Shades" hidden ... in her head. She also has big breasts.


bigbreastedwoman was created to replace girlwithabigheart2's trip to Club Boates after a fan kept bugging Albert. She wanders around the Club and eventually falls down, she asks for help but no one helps her besides stepping on her face or dancing right next to her. Later on, she witnesses two users having a conversation, they eventually teleport into a secret location that Albert found out how to do later. When bigbreastedwoman teleports into the secret area, she witnessed a user having sex with the other, to which Albert only says that the one user was smacking the other's rear-end. The female told big that they wanted alone time, and big later left but returned again to find out they were doing the same thing.


  • Her name was meant to be a joke until Roblox accepted the name and Albert just went with it.
  • When she left Club Boates she went into a dance party to play Ear Exploder 9000, but a lot of people didn't appreciate that, so they ended it early.
    • To make it last longer, Albert went on his Streety account so people will recognize him and let the song play longer.
  • The video she stars in gets referenced many times whenever Albert talks about something that you wish you didn't see.
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