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"Haha sike i dont like yo bacon head ###" beastman3523 to papitobueno23


Beastman3523 was a Roblox player seen dating papitobueno23 in Murder Mystery 2. In his debut, he was first seen trapping papito into dating him by purposely tagging his question so she wouldn't know what she's agreeing to. Beastman was then seen levitating in front of papito, leading her to believe that he's Jesus. When a new round started in MM2, beastman promised to protect papito from getting killed, but failed as she died while he wasn't looking. He asked her if they were still dating and later admitted that he never liked papito. Beastman was never seen again.

List of appearances[]



"U ##### ####"


"Were dating then"



"Stay by me"

"Are we dating"


"Haha sike i dont like yo bacon head ###"


  • Like papitobueno23, beastman was also given the Stevie Standard head by Roblox as a way to advertise the head.