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BeachChick16 was an account created by Albert on the date 2/11/2009. In the deleted video "ONLINE DATING AS A NOOB IN ROBLOX" he says that this account was made for trolling online daters back in the day. Albert then goes to Boho Salon to get an appointment for "bald". and fights over a beach ball. After that, BeachChick16 goes into MeepCity Parties to troll, and then she goes to Adopt and Raise a Cute Kid to make an failed attempt to go out with BrianBuilder2007 because he turned into a dog. The last place that BeachChick goes to Roblox High School where she hangs out with a group of girls who obviously do not like BeachChick16. She also told the teacher that he found gross images on his computer on Google.


BeachChick16 may have gotten hacked due to being in many different groups, such as Name Snipes, and a user bio that Albert probably did not set.