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bbange is an antagonist in PERMABANNED FROM THIS ROBLOX GAME..


bbange was doing his job until Albert started to annoy him, which caused bbange to take a gun out. Albert then pepper sprayed him to death, called HR on bbange and got him in trouble, then pepper sprayed him again. This made bbange snitch on Albert which caused him to get shot multiple times.

bbange's bio is currently;

add MX00NIE and iiqueen_oofxX (my main bodyguards)
add caterpi536 (my main butler)
add TopUnoPlayer and Rhavalet (personal treatments)

which link to his personal assistants (he's an evil master mind.) This was added after the video, because people started adding his Roblox account! He put this in as a joke.

(PS: This lead to him getting someone copying his avatar for around a week or two)


  • bbange has a discord. It is thefrenchone8577
  • bbange knows about the video and thinks it’s funny.
  • bbange never actually reported Albert since the mod was “too stupid”.
  • bbange has seen this wiki along with his friends.
  • bbange also made a goofy video in return about the bullying but it got taken down

bange has said; “Hi luca.”