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Batman is another person in a costume in I used ROBLOX ADMIN to THANOS SNAP NOOBS like Captain America.


Just exactly like Batman.


  • Drown
  • Stroller Usage
  • Dodge
  • Able to breathe underwater


So bruce was just minding his own buisness untill he spotted CRIME (aka thanos(aka albert))

and bruce needed to become fishman and drown him to death.


  • Batman might be a god, giving the fact that he literally took down Thanos just by drowning him.
  • He is more of a fishman or aquaman than batman
  • His real username is Jennifercarbone8
  • He has retired for being a superhero because he has not been active on that account for 3 years
  • he is probably very smart considering that he was the only one to manage to stop Albert since he drowned him
  • it proves that he might be a god considering that he is never shown dyeing against Albert and he is never snapped