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Bannana is a noob that first appeared in ROBLOX DEATH RAGDOLLS and had his head get sliced off by albert.


When bannana was first shown on screen he got his head snipped off by albert, Albert than found him again

HE was talking by typing it in on a piece of cardboard. Albert than asked bannana to follow him, Bannana agreed and got his head sliced off, Albert asserted his dominance and albert got reminded of a Taylor swift music video

And than albert said he is scary hacker which than bannana just said hastags which made albert shoot him.

Bannana's Cardboard quotes[]

"how to get the ufo to kill"




  • The possible reason he is communicating via cardboard is because he does not know the chat button exists and noticed that he can type on the cardboard.
  • His actual username is unknown because many many other people have their display name as Bannana