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"I'm tired of thisss" and then he EPICLY shoots with with chill gun

This bald man only communicates through the name editor in Life In Paradise, although does say a few things during the video. He is the 3rd victim to hold a gun in one of Albert's videos.


This man is a bald man in a bathing suit with a smile on his face.


He is pretty dumb because he thought that the name editor was the chat button. He is very vengeful and short-tempered once given the gun, as he commences to shoot the girls who said bad things to him.


- His name was never shown, although it could potentially be SSSniperfox7777, based on his chat bubble appearing right before Albert said in the chat, which didn't show his actual bubble, as well as the probable chance that he was a Teen.

- He's the 3rd person to pick up a gun.