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im goir;
  —Badgirlcriminaltits' attempt to defend herself.  

Badgirlcriminaltits was an account made by Albert in DUMBEST CRIMINALS IN ROBLOX.


Badgirlcriminaltits is first seen trying to escape prison when a helicopter crashes nearby. She stole the helicopter and flied out with a boy named soperchris5. Badgirl is shown to be grateful to have Chris as her flying partner. The helicopter then crashed into a building and she flied out with a parachute, leaving Chris to die. As it turns out, Chris was still alive without a single scratch. Badgirlcriminaltits was then seen apologizing to him for not being a good driver. She was later shot at by mileio0193 whom she attempted to stop by saying she's a girl, however ended up mispelling girl as "goir". Badgirlcriminaltits thought that he was gay for shooting her, but he was only doing it to see her spreading her legs. In an attempt to get revenge on mileio, she tried crashing her helicopter into his truck to kill him but failed and was stuck in the helicopter before she died in the crash.