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"I know my sister made me"

- Bad Angle's response to Albert correcting her spelling

Bad Angle was a player that Albert encountered in the video ROBLOX EARTHWORM SALLY ADMIN COMMANDS.


Bad Angle appears as a Robloxian with the woman package. Her hair is white, and it is tied in a ponytail which starts at the top of her head. She is also wearing a blue shirt with sleeves that begin half-way down her arms, black shorts and black boots that go up to her knees, which also have white/gray laces. Her skin color seems to be gray, however her torso is a forest green color, and her legs are a pale blue. On her back, she has a pair of large, black wings, similar to that of a bird. Despite her hair colour, she has brown eyebrows. Furthermore, she has purple eyes, large pink blush and pink lips.


When she was first encountered, Albert says her name out loud, laughing because of how it is spelt incorrectly, then saying "No, don't post that picuture of me that's a bad angle! of me!", an obvious homage to her spelling mistake. He then says how there should be a requirement that no one should be allowed of ROBLOX if they cannot spell angel correctly. A moment later, he then attempts to help her spell it right, however he then makes the same mistake, panicking. After he spells it correctly, user bigboy14228 calls him the grammar police, and in return Albert says how it isn't grammar, but rather spelling. Bad Angle herself then speaks up, saying that her sister made her spell it incorrectly, making Albert laugh. That's the last we see of her.