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Bacon is the main protagonist of Bully's Story (now costs 1000R$ to play) by ProCeratosaur (now @yuhzol). He appears in the video Roblox story made me cry... :/ 😢😭, and is the only character with a confirmed name in the story.


Bacon takes the appearance of a simple bacon hair with white skin.


Bacon first appears being bullied by three girls. Two walk away, and the one with black hair keeps bullying. The day after, a nice kid is seen trying to find books in his locker. The girls ask him to eat with them during lunch. In the cafeteria, the girls see him befriending Bacon, and get angry at him.

The black-haired bully confronts the nice kid, saying that he can't be friends with Bacon because he is a noob. The nice kid says that being a bully makes her the noob, causing the girl to walk away crying. The next day, Bacon gives the girl a second chance by offering to be friends with her. She accepts the request and vows to never bully again.