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"baby boo plays with tiny toes"


Baby boo is a baby with an un-human form. His full name is "Baby boo plays with tiny toes". He has 3 forms in total. First is tank, second is a giant baby and last is cocoon. He is first seen breaking into the house of Ella and asks her to adopt him. he wasn't the only one to break in, however. Two kids have broken in before him and tried to force Ella to leave. The people felt threatened by Baby Boo's tank form and refused to adopt him. He kills one of the kids due to her discrimination. Baby Boo is then invited to a party and asks people to adopt him. Finally, a man named Jack, the host of the party, decided to adopt him. Baby Boo also wanted a mother, and so Jack asks a girl named Ariana out. Ariana hesitates as she had just met him. But Jack was insistent on dating her so that his child could have a mother. Ariana finally says yes.

As the 3 struggle to get into a car, because of Baby Boo's largeness, Ariana asks Jack to move him which upsets Baby Boo. Ariana wants nothing to do with Baby Boo. He then asks his father for a burger and Ariana asks again for Baby Boo to get out, as she didn't see him as her child. Jack tells him he'd give him a burger if he goes home, which confuses him. Baby Boo gets desperate for his parents' love but gets yelled at. Baby Boo wheels his way out, crying, and shoots a woman to death out of frustration. Jack and Ariana finally take him home. Ariana attempts to carry him with a stroller but he's too heavy, so Ariana and Jack get into a car while Baby Boo follows. Jack tucks him into bed and tells him a bedtime story. He is shown to be more loving towards the child. Ariana, on the other hand, never really cared for him. Baby Boo then needed to sneeze and accidentally shoots Jack. Ariana realizes Jack wasn't actually boy and that they've been catfishing her. Baby Boo shoots her as well because she was smoking. She then confronts Jack for lying to her. Jack leaves Ariana to get with their new girlfriend. Baby Boo is unsure of how to process all that. Ariana then abandons Baby Boo and gets shot again by him. Baby Boo also destroys Jack's new home to kill him. He then tells Ariana of Jack's death. Ariana didn't really seem to care and he kills her.

Baby Boo then changes into the form of a giant, monstrous baby. He was the life of the party and everyone was curious about him. A man named LOUD CORINGA (coringa meaning joker in Latin) then causes Baby Boo to drown himself. Baby Boo changes forms again and becomes a female cocoon hanging off a tree. She sees a woman named bblltt1234 adopting a child and calls her "moma". Bblltt didn't want her, however. She then decapitates the other kid in front of the mother. Bblltt finally adopts her to replace the kid. It then cuts off to Baby Boo asking a different woman to adopt her and threatens to devour her family after she says no. She asks a woman named Delphine/single/kind :) to adopt her. Delphine also says no. As a form of revenge, Baby Boo destroys her house but also gets crushed in the process.


  • Baby boo's first form shoots rocket when he sneezes.
  • The decal pattern on the 2nd form is an edited photo of Jayingee

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