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BIGFOOTis a horror game made by Black Spruce Studio.


BIGFOOT! is very similar to the real-life game, Finding Bigfoot. Players will play as hunters with limited supplies like guns, ammunition, bait and traps. Their goal is to capture Bigfoot or kill him. One player will be chosen to become Bigfoot, whose goal is to kill all the hunters.


There's been some rumours that something is lurking in the woods.. something big .. You decide to take a trip and check it out for yourself.. You had no idea that you'd have to take matters into your own hands.

Hunters: Enter the isolated forest that is Bigfoot Woods, search for loot, gear up, and start your hunt to locate the one and only Bigfoot. Your tools are key! Use them to find, track, and kill the beast. Bigfoot: Do whatever it takes to survive. Kill all hunters to take victory.

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