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BESTIES123FOREVER makes an apperance in "0 ROBUX OUTFIT IDEAS πŸ’…πŸ’…" and has currently been offlline for more than 4 months.


Before meeting Albert's Alt[]

He would probably be roleplaying in MeepCity, the first time we see him is him saying, "WHrE ATT". Albert says "we stylin" and BESTIES got a new BESTIE.

After meeting Albert's Alt[]

In the video; 0 ROBUX OUTFIT IDEAS πŸ’…πŸ’…, BESTIES123FOREVER approches Albert and says, "yes". Albert replies with, "ur my bestie forever". As the video goes on, we see the player's online girlfriend, she simply says, "You cheating?", Besties replies with, "nah". Albert steps in and states that BESTIES123FOREVERRR is cheating on his online girlfriend named Endndnnsnzb.

Endndnnsnzb breaks up with BESTIES123FOREVERRR and Endndnnsnzb says thank you presumably from telling the truth to her. BESTIES123FOREVERRR approches Albert and says "I'm sorry b" then after a few seconds says, "bg".

Albert runs away from him and he starts chasing Albert.


  • We don't know too much about this user in particular but he has one badge, from Wild Horse Islands.
  • He's been offline since June 2022 and hasn't been heard from since.
  • He has 2 friends.
  • 62 People on Roblox are following him.

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