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i am really dead i stuck my head out teh car window and my head hit a sign and it got impaled xD

Awesomelittleboy9292 was an alt account of Flamingo that appeared In THIS ROBLOX PLAYER DIED IRL 😭, ROBLOX WORDLE and CUT ROBLOX PLAYERS UP.


He was the main focus of the video and as such was seen throughout the whole video.


He currently looks like your average sunscreen eater, however Albert changed the design with several ugc items throughout the video.



Everything said above about Albert making the account is actually true, as awesomelittleboy9292 is clearly dead in real life. He himself said that he is dead on his profile: “i am really dead i stuck my head out teh car window and my head hit a sign and it got impaled xD”. Albert in the video expressly stated that he was dead. Currently it is unknown what happened in awesomelittleboy9292’s final moments, as he spent lots of robux on several Roblox items before eventually reverting back to a default sunscreen eater design.

This guys 100% dead

Also after he died he created the most disturbing and monstrous avatar possible which he then proceeded to use in Brookhaven, traumatising the kids playing. In the journey he encountered a female avatar that said 3 sentences to him in Portuguese, these sentences said: “Looks like all the boys in my class”, “What the (censored) is it” and finally “Get out of there haunting”. awesomelittleboy9292 proceeded to walk away, clearly sad about being rejected for his unbridled beauty.


After being rejected, awesomelittleboy9292 decided to play the game of ‘Vocab Havoc’, a game where you have to guess the correct word through the hints you are given. He proceeded to die again because he didn’t guess the word, then he died several times afterwards because he sucks at guessing words.


He decided to take his anger out on ‘Smooth Slicing’, a game with advanced cutting mechanics. He quickly proved to be exceptional at cutting objects apart with ease, showing proficiency with a sword. He then decided to test out his skills in an actual server with actual people, and surprisingly he did well there too. His weapon of choice became ‘deadly razor paper edges from the never ending book of pain’ (Trademarked). He proceeded to slice and dice everyone he came across, even pulling off a few outplays through the use of bridges over lava. He then decided he wasn’t big enough, and became a giant with the power of Wallet. Unfortunately this just made him a big slow moving hitbox, and he was accordingly steamrolled by everyone around him.

He finally met his match however in the form of ‘PuffsCat’, a skilled user of ‘Massive Sword with a Cornered Tip’ (Trademarked), the two clashed for ages, in the process awesomelittleboy9292 murdered PuffsCat’s wife, who PuffCat then also proceeded to murder. The conflict only ended when awesomelittleboy9292 noticed someone with a 30 killstreak and 15000+ kills, ‘TheEpicTurtle250’. He proceeded to 1v1 this experienced gamer, only to miss every single attack and get pulverised by the better gamer. Even with the servers unite efforts they were no match for TheEpicTurtle250. It was later when everyone realised that you actually physically couldn’t hit him, which he himself claimed to be a glitch he knew, of which he then reset to ‘fix’ it. He then berated awesomelittleboy9292 for not saying anything, to which he responded with the word ‘GASLIGHTER’. Unfortunately this ‘fix’ did not fix it and he was called out for being invincible again, to which he denied until he saw it for himself, subsequently leaving the server.

awesomelittleboy9292 retreated to a different Destruction Engine game, where he blew up a propane tank next to a house, obliterating the bunk bed on the other side, killing the Little Timmy sleeping there. He couldn’t live with himself for such an act and shot himself to bits. After killing himself he was alive again and proceeded to play ‘Catch the Ball out of the Air’ with a bomb. Awesomelittleboy9292 is 100% dead now, no doubt about it.



His final form

His first form.

His first form.