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Asi34o (Asi for short) was the leader of the small town in the "Roblox noobs should fear me" video.


Albert met Asi when he came to the small town he found in the game he was playing. Albert took some flowers from a chest and gave some to a girl that lived in the town. After that Asi came up to Albert and killed him. When Albert came back, he met a noob citizen who was nice to him but was killed shortly after by Asi. Albert bought lava with robux and came back. He saw Asi killing his noob friend and placed it in the town as revenge. Later Albert got hunted down and killed by Asi. Asi left the game shortly after. After he left, Albert and the citizens of the small town patched it up. Albert changed servers after that.


He seems to be violent. He probably attacked Albert because he thought that either Albert was an intruder or that he was killing his citizens.


  • As of right now Asi is still active and his avatar still remains the same apart from the clothing change.