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Who the hell made me Duchess of Cornwall!?

Aseraskk is the main antagonist of I was kicked out of the Roblox royal family... He is the King of the Royal family.


He is a king with a childish voice (speaking in voice chat), speaking strictly and hated by Albert. Albert hated him because he couldn't be king (even with the gamepass he bought), and therefore finding ways to troll and kill him like example, stealing his car, hitting his car and etc. Later in the video, Albert was demoted to Duchess of Cornwall, and the Prince of Wales rank was given to durdenbradle02. He laughs hysterically about his rank, and Albert says about doing the biggest terrorist attack ever, but he laughs about it.


  • "*laughs* Duchess of Cornwall..."
  • "This child of mine is first in line for the throne."
  • "You're first in line, I said."

Albert's Lines[]

  • "Who the hell made me Duchess of Cornwall!?!"


  • He seems to have a liking of army games, judging by his profile.