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Arkainno is a minor roblox noob that was on I used ADMIN to become Roblox YouTubers and was mean to their fans


Arkainno has the Blonde Spiked Hair, The Winning Smile and the Roundy Head, in his current appearance, he has the Piggy head.


Arkainno was just first seen as a background character even seen in clips with baseballboy.

While running he started screaming his famous lines, albert called him a bucket full of knowledge, and he stayed in the server after baseballboy left


"firsthand ### (one) independent icon then inch functions Harrison"

"########## proclaim good work done on triassic"

Said by Albert

(Man has a bucket full of knowledge)


Just like loveyouroni, Arkainno presses the middle suggestion on the screen and it makes a weird sentence, meaning he is stupid like him. He doesn't know how to type, the words come up for him.


  • He only gained 39 followers from that video
  • He joined Roblox on 2/8/2020
  • He seemed to not know what he was doing because he was standing still and running around