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"Father? "
— AppleCakeFan100 talking to Albert

AppleCakeFan100 (current username awpplee) (born November 5th [1]) is a Roblox user and fan of Flamingo.


While AppleCakeFan100 has many avatars on Roblox, the one she is using in her picture contains her with Pastel Brown as her skin color with the blocky avatar for her legs and arms but uses the ROBLOX Girl Torso as her torso. She wears the Pink Enchantlers on her head and has the Dark Rooted Silber Side Part hair. Her face is the Anguished face with the Black Aesthetical Glasses near her eyes. Finally, she wears the Off Shoulder Pink Bomber Jacket Butterfly Top shirt and the pink grid w socks pants.


AppleCakeFan100 is a Roblox user who would find Albert in any server and join him even if he was on an Alternate account. The reason of this was because she was part of an organization called "I Spy an Alberto" made by KanOfWorms. The whole organization was where people hunted down Albert and the games he was at. He first noted the group in There's a Roblox group dedicated to spying on me... The organization and AppleCake have appeared in a lot of Albert's videos as AppleCakeFan100 mostly joins Albert in whatever game he is in. Eventually, Albert accepted AppleCake's request and they are now friends as of December 30th, 2019. While AppleCakeFan100 continued to join Albert when they were friends, it has calmed down throughout the years and AppleCakeFan100 doesn't appear in Albert's videos often.


  • Seen in both sources, she has a YouTube channel and a Twitch channel.