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Apocalypse Rising is a game built using the Roblox game engine and is programmed via RBX.lua, a simplified version of Lua along with pre-designed Roblox functions.


If you're interested in testing out Apocalypse Rising 2 Alpha, you can play the game before everyone else for only 200 Robux! Eventually, it will be free to play for all users.

Apocalypse Rising is an open world zombie survival game where the zombies aren't the only threat. Group up, repair vehicles, build bases, eliminate the infected, and watch out for hostile survivors!

VIP servers are only 100 Robux per month. You can subscribe to a private VIP server by clicking on the "Servers" tab. VIP servers allow owners to kick and ban players, as well as set moderators who can do the same.


You are the Player. You are at the center of your own mini-universe, and you control the player to engage in survival, combat, and exploration.


Weapons consist of firearms (guns) and melees and are used to defend the Player from other Players and zombies. They spawn across the entire map, spawn within structures, and the Makarov firearm spawns automatically with the Player. Weapons were designed by Ralchire (the exception being the Hatchet, which was designed by Gusmanak) and scripted by ZolarKeth.