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yes momey
  —Ann's first line [[src]]  

Ann is the main protagonist of A bully story (Ann goes to school). She appears in the video roblox sad story.


Ann is an abnormally skinny robloxian with a natural hair color of blonde. She wears a gray shirt and jean shorts, with black shoes. Eight years later, she is seen with pink hair and no clothes.


Ann is a kind-hearted individual who likely became brave enough to beat up her bully from her experience in jail. She seems to hate the color red and like the color pink, based on how she reacts to her hair being dyed each color.


The story begins in 2009, where Ann goes to school on the first day. When she gets there, she is bullied by someone only referred to as Bully. She hides from Bully and makes her think she died. She escapes back home where her dad begins yelling at her. He dyes Ann's hair red as punishment, and calls the police to get Ann arrested for escaping school.

Ann remains in jail for eight years and severely misses her big brother, who never actually appears in the story. It is revealed that Ann's mom is a cop, but somehow never noticed her daughter was in jail for eight years. Ann is finally set free in 2017, and she gets her hair dyed pink as her dad and Bully, who are likely friends at this point, are still insulting her. Bully and Ann's dad are arrested for bullying. Somehow, Bully is out of jail within three hours, and Ann beats her up. At the very end of the story, Ann says she feels sick, hinting at a part 2 of the story. However, no such thing has existed.