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Ana_fofa123 was a Roblox player who played the Get adopted game created by BirthGiver233.


Ana_fofa123 was the first player to join the Get adopted game, which Albert then said her name in the tune of "Frere Jaques". He tried to get her to be her mom, but she then said no. Soon after exploring the place a bit, she then left the game.


From the video, she has an Rthro package, with a fox tail, a paper hat, and a bear mask. She wears the Err.. face and has black hair.

Ana fofa123

Today, she currently wears the Gold Crystal Halo, Strawberry Wings, Right and Left White Cute Royal Sleeve [3.0], Polar Bear Cub Mask, Adorable Blonde Bow Pigtails, studded pink choker 3.0, Cute Kitty Ears, and Gaming Kitty Headphones. She also wears the my melody maid dress and the Pink kitty maid outfit. She also has the Cutiemouse face on.


  • Ana Fofa speaks Portuguese, but she is able to speak simple English phrases.
  • She was very happy when she found out she had a wiki page about her!