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Among Us is game which was developed and published by Inner Sloth (an American Game studio). The game debuts in multiple videos.The game has since been blowing up in popularity and is not getting popular today.


For the players to join the round. Players need to enter a public lobby or enter a code to a private lobby(You can enter a public lobby using code too.) and wait for the host to start round. The player can also host a lobby. There can only be 10 players in the lobby. Player can not talk during rounds(Except for during emergency meeting.)

Rounds Customization[]

You can change the setting of the round by going to the computer and choose the map(You can do it before you create a lobby to select the map.).  

List of Settings you can change.

  • Imposter Speed
  • Crewmate Speed
  • Imposter limit
  • Emergency Meetings
  • Kill Cooldown
  • Kill Distance
  • Confirmation
  • Emergency Cooldown
  • Tasks
  • Visual Tasks
  • Imposter Visions
  • Crewmate Visions
  • Voting Time
  • Discussion Time
  • Map


Crewmate Map[]

The crewmate map shows the whole map and where the location of tasks is.

Imposter Map[]

The imposter map allows an imposter to sabotage.


Crewmate is a role in Among Us. Crewmates' objective is to find imposter(Also try not to get killed by them.) or do tasks(T. Crewmates also have to fix the reactor or oxygen tank that was sabotaged by an imposter if they don't they lose. They can also fix the light or comms, which is optional. Also if a crewmate gets killed then their body will be left where they were killed. Crewmates can still do tasks even when they are killed(As a ghost.) but they can't fix the reactor or oxygen tank.


An imposter is a role with the main objective to kill a certain amount of crewmates(Depend on how many imposters are there that not been voted out yet.)(They can win if the crewmate doesn't fix the reactor or oxygen tank in time.). They can also sabotage. Imposter can be voted out but they can still sabotage even as a ghost. They lose if all imposter is voted out.


Sabotage is an ability that can only be used by the imposter by clicking the sabotage button on the lower right. This will open up the Map, where you can select the different types of sabotages. They have different icons.

List of Sabotages.

  • Close Doors (X icons.):Close doors.
  • Oxygen Depleted (O2 Icon):Sabotaging the O2 room. The Impostor(s) will instantly win the game if the O2 countdown reaches zero before crewmates fix Oxygen Tank.
  • Comms sabotaged (Wifi Icon):Crewmates will not be able to see their task list and task locations on the map. Unless they fix comms.
  • Reactor Meltdown (Radiation Icon): The imposter(s) will instantly win game if the Reactor room countdown reach zero before crewmates fix reactor.
  • Electrical (Thunder Bolt Icon): Reduce the crewmate vision unless they fix light.

Emergency Meeting[]

  • Emergency Meetings are events that will occur if somebody reported a dead body or press the emergency button (Can't use the emergency button if there was reactor meltdown or Oxygen depleted.) Where player can discuss before they  can vote someone or skip.


  • It blew up in late 2020, with it becoming super popular, and still not falling down.
    • However, due to its current overuse of "sus" or "impostor" people have started to dislike it more and more, due to people annoying each other with the words. its even gotten to the point where people have memed on people who overuse the words, but it has also gotten to the point where people meme on the people who are annoyed, such as STOP POSTING ABOUT AMONG US (Language warning.)
  • Albert has played it many times in the channel, causing many memes to be made about it.
    • People have edited his face to be like the Jerma Sus Face, with it even going as far as having a UGC item created for the face, namely Suspecious face.