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ama_ama10 is a Roblox player who appeared in one of Albert's Bloxburg videos titled, "She had to BUILD ME a FUNERAL in Bloxburg...", where she is the older sister of patersonawesome1. She first appears in the video breaking in Albert's house with her brother peter. She and her brother get caught by Albert and if he can be their father. Albert accepts and takes them in and gives them a budget of 9 million, while she gets a budget of 9 billion. patersonawesome1 summons the devil (AKA kick out) on Albert and ama_ama10

Ama_ama10 then asks if she can have money then asks if she can build her room outside the house. BleedingToeNails23 gets angry and calms him down.


After her brother's passing her and her father ToeNails move in to her house. It has a hole on the ground with water filled inside it. At this point they do not notice that her brother has died so she just shows Albert around the house. Albert slips in the water and she saves him. Albert, after he drinks all that hole water, remembers that he has a son and asks where his brother is at.

She assumes he ran away but Albert insists he died. She goes to her guitar and begins to sing "lalala", which is one of her hit songs, then Albert asks her to build her brother a funeral. She calls her dad and he goes back home and Albert begins to dance at his son's grave then laughing after.

Later he burns down the grave.


Kind (presumably pretending), and clearly cares about her father despite him being lazy and being a disgusting hunchback.


  • Looking at her profile it seems that she has two moms
  • She likes the colour green
  • Bloxburg is one of her favorite games