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Not to be confused with the bully character of the same name.

Alice is the main protagonist of Bully (STORY) by oepra_1. She appears in Roblox player "su tart" is now DEAD.. *sad edition*.


Alice has light skin and no hair. She wears a white shirt with fake black hair on the side.


Alice first appears with her mom and dad. Her father goes to the army and doesn't return until she gets to high school. When Alice goes into high school, a bully begins insulting her (not for her lack of hair, surprisingly). She seems to not care at all as she only tells them after she graduates high school.

When Alice goes to college, she meets KC, and immediately becomes friends with her without even knowing her name. After school, they have a sleepover at KC's house. Afterwards, Alice finally learns KC's name. She graduates college, and her grandparents celebrate her birthday.