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"Bvnmmmbvfo😭 mnbvf"

- AliceAngel4040


AliceAngel4040 was a Roblox player who was constantly spewing gibberish in the Roblox Minecraft game in Albert's video. In the video, she first appeared when Albert (as fungunfungun2) encountered her in chat speaking some odd language, believing she is freaking out with her gibberish and emojis. fungunfungun2 soon tries to solve the problem, while trying to locate her at the same time. He then guesses this is important information that he needs later in life. AliceAngel4040 was finally able to say a word, "no". Right after, she left the server, in which Albert finds her in another server. When he joins, she says, "I like your hair", then goes back to spewing gibberish. Right when Albert finds her, AliceAngel4040 resets herself in front of him. He then tries to tell the others he didn't do anything. Albert tries to ask her why she is crying, but she responds with, "Nbvmff😭". Trying to run away, she falls into a hole, where Albert puts lava to sink onto her. From what she said, he also tries to figure out if what she said is from another language, but it turns out to simply be gibberish. She later says, "NmLava on myself and I😭", and continues to "pop off in the chat". Albert proclaims, "Who broke this woman's heart? I'll break your soul," and then kills both AliceAngel4040 and bellebelle061015 with a Rainbow Sword, while saying that Valer404042 is her sister. He then makes a plan to trap her in glass and put lava on top to watch it fall, as a torture device. Her final words before her death were, "Nbvfm".


  • In the video, she wears the Woman body, as well as the Teal Shirt and Black Jeans. She also has the Black Ponytail as her hair, with the regular Smile as her face. Her appearance hasn't changed since.


  • It could be possible that AliceAngel4040 is a mobile user, and from her potentially young age, as Albert presumed she was 3 years old, she wasn't well with spelling and just tapped random letters, although able to make cohesive sentences at points.
  • It could also be possible that Valer404042 is her sister, as they share the same 4040 numbers, but it could most likely be a coincidence.
  • Because of her fame as being "stupid" in Flamingo's video, various copycat users had made themselves the exact same as AliceAngel4040, with only minor details in the username.