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Alibro1t's debut video was ROBLOX HORRIFIC HOUSING.


Alibro1t (Better known as Alibro) was an ordinary noob who never spoke. He made his debut in the video above in the middle of the video when flamingo switches accounts, dies and goes on a new server. After that he became the main focus for the rest of the video. He was probably the cutest and most innocent noob Albert featured on a video and became one of the favourites in the Flamingo Fandom. Throughout the video Alibro NEVER said a word. He was an ordinary noob playing Roblox. In the game Horrific Housing (The game Albert was playing with Alibro) He would jump around houses and do nothing else. Albert tried to make a bond with Alibro and it somehow worked. On Albert's first round with Alibro, he got a fidget spinner and noticed Alibro jumping around. Albert told Alibro to come to his house because he has a fidget spinner. Alibro listened and came to his house but after a moment he probably got bored and jumped on the next one. Albert got sad and asked Alibro to come back but Alibro stayed on the other house. Later a blizzard formed damaging anyone who wasn't inside. Alibro was unable to open any doors for some reason (presumably because he was on mobile and Roblox couln't detect his tapping) so Albert came to the rescue and saved him by opening the door. They stayed inside and Albert got out locking Alibro inside. The blizzard went away and Albert gave Alibro his fidget spinner. Later they friended each other and around the end of the video Alibro went into a different game called "Be crushed by a speeding wall". Albert eventually found Alibro and said his final goodbyes and he was ending the video. Some time after the video went public, Alibro's account got terminated and it was never confirmed why. Alibro most likely got compromised by a Flamingo fan. Albert appears to not know that Alibro was banned but still has him on his alt account lIlIlIlIllIlIIlIl65.


It is hard to say what kind of person Alibro is as he never spoke. He was for sure a noob and likely a young kid. He possibly formed a bond with Albert as his behaviour seemed to indicate that he trusted Flamingo.

Alibro1t's ban reason is unknown.

Poor Alibro.


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