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“Yeah bule face baby”

Alex, later revealed to be Bule Face, is a celebrity and the brother of Blue Face that appears on the Island Life Show.


When Albert was running the show, he invited Alex (unknowingly invited Blue Face's brother aka Bule Face). He sang one of his brother's songs. After he stopped, Albert asked him if he was the real Blue Face/Bule face. Alex replied with "no". Albert and the audience were booing him but Alex said "Im his brother". Albert stopped booing and announced that this was Bule Face, Blue Face's brother. Albert asked Bule Face how he gets all the girls. Alex said "First I say hi" after that he said "Roses are red you are cute for me". Then AMAR comes by with his girlfriend Janet. After that Bule Face stole AMAR's girl. Janet didn't hesitate and went to Alex instantly. AMAR screams out loud that Janet is his girlfriend. Then Bule Face left Janet and said "SIKE 8m leaving her you cant trust no girl". While AMAR was switching his jacket, Albert gave the honor of killing Janet to Alex. Bule Face didn't hesitate and instantly killed her. They thank Alex for being on the show and he left the game. But right when he leaves AMAR reveals that he is the REAL BLUE FACE. The audience was in shock that Alex stole his brother's girl. Janet never returned to AMAR unfortunately.


Alex has a crown made out of flowers, a black cap and black clothes. He also has that creepy smile that lots of killers use....


His RP name said that he was cute and shy. He also seems to be nice. One could say he is a traitor for stealing his brother's girl. But he actually exposed Janet. Janet didn't hesitate to go for Bule Face which shows how unloyal was for AMAR. Alex also left her right after saying that you can't trust any girl. He more so did a favor for AMAR.


  • His username is unknown




"Yeah bule face baby"

"Yeah yeah!"

"###### be hating"

"ok and im done"



"Im his brother"

"I love thxs for help me and thx u for this"

"first i say hi"

"then i say rose are red you are cute for me"


"Pulls out fed coin"

"I #### ###" (presumably "i like you")

"Whhey" (misspelling of "hey")

"Sike 8m leaving her you cant trust no girl"


"### #### #####"

"be gont tho!t"