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Not to be confused with Albert.

Alberts is Albert's old account which he used during the AlbertsStuff era.


Alberts has many appearances of his avatar. The first one contains Albert using the Cool Yellow color scheme for his head and arms with Bright Yellow for his torso and Steel Blue for his legs. He only wears one item on his head which is the LOL Day Cap which is one of the most famous attributes of Albert's old avatars.

For his second avatar, he uses the Pastel brown color scheme for his head and arms with the Bright Red color scheme for his torso. He is also wearing Jeans and again, the LOL Day Cap with the Zombie Animation Pack.

For his third avatar, he uses the Light stone grey color scheme for his head and wears the Wild Star Torso, the Wild Star Left Arm, the Wild Star Right Arm, the Wild Star Left Leg, and the Wild Star Right Leg and yet again, accompanied with the LOL Day Cap and the Zombie Animation Pack.

For his final avatar, he uses the Bright Yellow color scheme for all of his body with the Zombie Animation Pack and the Woman Head. He also wears a Minion shirt and Minion Pants.


Alberts was an account was made on 7/28/2008. In 2014, Albert created a channel called AlbertsStuff which got him famous and earned the account notoriety. Alberts would occasionally appear in AlbertsStuff videos, but not often since he would get recognized too much, so he used alt accounts to make videos.

Alberts was used in many videos on the AlbertsStuff channel until he eventually stopped using the account to start a new career and a new channel called Flamingo. Due to the his use of swearing and overall not suitable for kids content during his time posting on the AlbertsStuff channel, he had to switch to a new channel. So along with the AlbertsStuff channel, the Alberts account was abandoned and succeeded by Mrflimflam and the Flamingo YouTube channel.

Alberts has been active a few times during the Flamingo era but has last been active on July 23rd, 2019, however on May 31, 2022, Albert logged in the account for an unspecified reason (most likely to cancel the Roblox Premium he had on the account, which he mentioned in a previous video) and logged out afterwards.



Albert is still active on the "Alberts" account.(For canceling the Builders Club that Albert had on the account.)