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I'm terrified
  — damazii  

Albert and Temprist Adventures is adventures with Albert and Temprist trolling people. This only appeared in Roblox trolling with the BIGGEST avatar possible...

Episode 1: Tower of Hell[]


Episode 1 starts with Albert and Temprist blocking the path for TrollLotz. They became dissapointed because TrollLotz didn't fall for their trap. Albert explains they made their avatars big in hope for victims fall into their traps. Kellyrota starts jumping on their platforms, but she managed to not fall for their trap. Luka fell for their trap, and they start laughing about it. TrollLotz and Noah_mess also fell for their traps resulting in a double kill. Several other people fall for their doom and Luka says "Move". The screen cuts and they now are on a different part of the map for several more people to fall off. Albert then recommends Temprist to move to Work at a Pizza Place.

List of characters in Chapter 1[]

  • TrollLotz
  • Slipped
  • blissyaa
  • disconnected
  • kellyrotaaa
  • Luka
  • leahla456
  • Noah_mess
  • Pita_umm
  • Rms8byMomma
  • yoselincoselin
  • Kylie
  • Jessie_plaz

Episode 2: Work at a Pizza Place[]


Episode 2 starts with Albert blocking the picture of employee of the month; then Temprist asks Albert to go through the doorway, but unfortunately he can't fit, so he tries using a grappling hook to go through the door, but he still can't fit in. Albert says to throw snowballs at each other, but Temprist haven't joined his server yet. Temprist finally joins, and he keeps throwing snowballs at Albert, but he can't throw snowballs at Temprist, so he asks Temprist to shove his butt through the doorway. Temprist and Albert finally fits through the doorway by using the Delivery Bike. They start blocking ovens in the kitchen, leading to the manager, yabbadabbadooooooya, to fix the problem. They open the oven and throw a snowball at her, but she manages to escape right before the oven closes. Then, they managed to make 3lijah_pp to get stuck in one of the ovens. Albert opens the oven, gets the fire extinguisher and sprays nowhere close to the oven, causing him to get burnt to death. Albert jokes about yabbadabbadooooooya's name, eventually getting into her car. Yabbadabbadooooooya shoves her car into a wall, then accidentally drove her car into the ocean, but Albert managed to escape the fall, causing yabbadabbadooooooya falling into the void. After she respawns, Albert throws snowballs at her, making she fall into the Remove Manager pad. Albert becomes the manager, and drives his car to her house and rings the doorbell. Mohammadnajjar and Temprist are also here to see her, but she laughs at him while being thrown by snowballs. She then says some rude words, but Temprist got into her house and Albert made her put back to work. Temprist then shows a user called Mmmmmm_mmmmmmnmmmmm (xXShadowSepticEyeXx). Ronik12348 tries to put out a fire, but got shoved by Albert into the oven. He takes his burnt pizza, then asks for a perfect pizza then got hit by snowballs. The video ends with Temprist getting shoved into the oven.

List of characters in Episode 2[]

  • damazii
  • BBgirl365
  • 3lijah_pp
  • mohammadnajjar
  • yabbadabbadooooooya
  • xXShadowSepticEyeXx (Mmmmmm_mmmmmmnmmmmm)
  • Ronik12348
  • weronikasix


  • Move - Luka
  • I'm terrified - damazii
  • Get it loser! - yabbadabbadooooooya
  • Your a stupid dumb loser and you're not allowed in my house you idiot - yabbadabbadooooooya
  • I want perfect pizza - Ronik12348
  • dont set urself on fire - weronikasix


  • This video marks the first ever "yabbadabbadoo" catchphrase said by Albert.
  • The amount of snowball throws in this video is 15.
  • One of the scenes with Fred Flintstone saying "Yabba Dabba Doo" comes from this video.