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Albert Spencer Aretz (born: June 11, 1997) [age 24] , better known online as Flamingo, formerly AlbertsStuff, is an American YouTuber who makes mostly ROBLOX content. He had earned over 1.3 million subscribers on his main channel AlbertsStuff. Later, Albert decided that he would start a new channel because he wasn't getting any ad revenue due to the profanity of his videos. He started his new channel on July 5, 2017. It was a far more advertiser-friendly channel called Flamingo, which is his main channel where he posts nearly every day of the week. He has over 6 million subscribers, and he is known for his Yo Tengo, Earthworm Sally, Su tart, and Still Chill memes. Some of his videos have included ROBLOX myths, starting a trend of fanart and ships between them.


Albert used to date Lanastuff, who owns a beauty channel. However, the two broke up sometime in December 2018. He doesn't post videos with Jake anymore. Albert and Lana bought a house together and did a tour when Jake came over. Outside of close friendships, he has collaborated with many YouTubers like Tofuu and SynthesizeOG. Albert's current girlfriend is Kirsten, who is a twitch streamer. He is also friends with RussoPlays and KonekoKitten. He is also known to be friends with Kaden Fumblebottom, known on Roblox as jokerkid5898.
What is Flamingo?-1

What is Flamingo?-1

Family Life and Before Fame

Albert has posted a photo on his Instagram of him and his cat Simon, along with one of his father and him. Albert has also featured his sister Alexandria Aretz in a couple of his videos. It has been revealed that Albert also has another sister named Mary Aretz.  Before he was big, Albert made many Phantom Forces, Apocolypse Rising, and CS: GO videos. Albert's current girlfriend, Kirsten, is a childhood friend of his which he had met at a McDonalds restaurant. According to Kirsten, they had been on and off for six years before he had met Lana.

Video Editors

Adam, mostly known as Speedy, is Albert's editor. His Roblox account is Speedy2662, and his rank in the Flamingo fan group is Adam. He also used to be known as Carlito on the Flamingo channel until his real name was revealed.

He has another editor called Paige. Her nickname is called TurnThePaige. She usually edits Albert's videos too.

Zack, also known as Znac on the internet, occasionally edits for Albert when Albert asks.



  • Albert's birthplace was New Jersey. He refers to that area as the 'bad area'. 
  • Albert resides in Florida. Also, Stated in a video that he plans to move to Texas.  
  • Albert’s grandparents/great-grandparents are from Poland. 
  • Albert and Jake have been friends for 8 years. They originally met on Roblox.
  • Albert has two dogs, called Bedrock and Peach.
  • He also has two cats, called Leo and Kimmy.
  • Albert’s also well known for making the Spanish phrase “Yo Tengo” (translating to “I have” in English), which was a very popular gag. These days, he calls it a 'dead joke/meme'.
  • Around January 2019, Albert started dating Kirsten. They have known each other since she was 14 years old and when Albert was 15. 
  • Albert's old channel (AlbertsStuff) was far less kid-friendly than Flamingo.
  • He uses an account called geanaSHUTUPSCDFIOJKN to make admin troll videos.
  • Albert has also collaborated with Youtooz to make 2 Youtooz figures of him and cleetus. Albert's Youtooz sold fast within 3 days and cleetus is still on sale. After a while, they made new stuff, like Farmer Flamingo, and two kinds of Flamingo plushies, the 1 foot Flamingo, and the 2 foot Flamingo.
  • He spits, farts and screams in his microphone which is very funny.

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