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Well, you are probably here to contact an admin, are you? Well, here's a list of admins to contact if you have any questions or concerns regarding the wiki, or if you just want to chat with someone.

Wiki Photo Wiki Username Wiki Role About Activity
MPPH Mypeapeahurt Founder Hello I am the oldest woman on roblox, I made this wiki to avoid doing my homework, my fellow admins are the realest. Feel free to message me on my page for any concerns, if I don't respond in time I recommend contacting the other admins, I forget my password a lot. Semi-Active
BP Bonus Person Bureaucrat Retired
AU BingBangRoadblocks58 Bureaucrat Hello! My name is BingBangRoadblocks58, and I’m an active editor here. If you have any questions, or you just want to talk, please message my message wall! Active
KLC Klaculus Admin Semi-Active
TS Thespongeey1 Admin Resigned
Freddie Mercury with Guitar BlownUpChicken Admin Hey, there! My name is Bryan, and I'm an Albert / Flamingo Wiki admin! I'm pretty active, so please ask me or another admin any questions that you might have. I also run a YouTube channel, so feel free to subscribe to it if you want @ BryansStuff. Active
PJF Kazumaasa2 Admin Hello there! I am Kazumaaasa2, and I am an active admin here. If you require assistance, feel free to contact me and assuming I am awake, I will try my best to help you. Active
BraedenLemasters ItsJustLukas Admin Hello! My name is Lukas and I am an admin on this wiki. If you have any questions or need help with anything such as making edits to pages, reverting vandalism, and dealing with disruptive users, you may leave a message on my message wall or DM me on my Discord at ItsJustLukas#7398. Active
PhpNeApuc BuilderWatery12 Content Moderator Active

Not all admins will be active when sending a message, so check the home page for the most active admins. Regardless, don't be afraid to message an admin. They'll see the message and respond as soon as possible.