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"I feel like I have a lot to say about other things and I am going to make a channel where I do that, and maybe you will find that channel. Maybe that channel already exists." - Flamingo talking about an alternate channel for content in the video, "My NEW RECORDING ROOM".

albert is an alternate channel that Albert posts occasionally, which currently has two videos. The channel was made as a way for him to express his opinions about other topics outside of Roblox, as he mentioned in his video, "My NEW RECORDING ROOM".


albert the channel was made on March 26, 2023, which his first video, "Creator Clash is ruined :(" was posted on the same day as its creation.

The channel itself was made for Albert to be able to talk about non-Roblox topics in a less family-friendly manner that also isn't as edgy as AlbertsStuff was. The content itself is edited much less than Flamingo, with Albert saying that some cuts will be in the video as he isn't good at rants. It is also very clear that Albert does swear in the video as well, it being uncensored.

In his second video, "What happened to AlbertsStuff?", he states that the albert channel has no relations with the Flamingo channel, as neither channel has the other in their channel tab. Furthermore, in the video where he discusses about his past channel, he doesn't want to take any accountability with what was said in the past.

As of May 26, 2023, the albert channel has 288K subscribers with only two videos.


  • His profile picture is a small sketch of his face, meant to be him smiling.
  • Based on his second video, Albert explained the full discourse of his leaving of AlbertsStuff which was not fully explained before.
  • By the time Flamingo posted the "My NEW RECORDING ROOM" video on April 19, 2023, the channel mentioned was already made.