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Who is AlbertSings?[]

AlbertSings (@FlamSings) Is an AI cover channel that makes characters and Albert himself sing various popular songs. The account is ran by @imrat1onal on twitter or TheSnowic on discord and @1DumbDuck on twitter or OneDumbDuck on discord.


The channel joined on Sep 19, 2021. It was originally branded as "Hieroglyphical" which uploaded roblox myth content. Earlier this year the channel rebranded after their video "Albert Sings Toxic Gossip Train (ORIGINAL)" had massive success, Albert saw people tweeting at him the video And It was included in a video. Since then the channel has blown up gaining over 10,000 subscribers.


AlbertSings is a youtube channel who does AI covers about the popular Youtuber Flamingo. The creators are active with their community but not so much with their uploads. Their songs have been used in some viral media including this TikTok. The AlbertSings Channel has over 500,000 views.

Video Appearance[]

AlbertSings Appeared in the video "I got cancelled..." being the main focus of the first few minutes with their song being included in the videos shown. "Albert Sings Toxic Gossip Train (ORIGINAL)" and "Albert's Apology" were the 2 videos shown in the final upload.