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Airpods in shock

Airpods is a rapper that debuted in I roasted a Roblox noob and then he threatened me....

He was never seen again, there is not alot of info on Airpods but this was all we were able to get of him.

Current Info[]

Airpods reel
Short air pods

Airpods203040 is a Roblox user who appears in Albert’s video constantly saying “Wrap say he smack”. His raps are never creative and he often steals other people’s raps. He was Albert’s main rap partner on Roblox Rap Battles before he left and was never heard from again. He misspell's a lot and can't spell "rap" correctly, saying his famous line "wrap" instead. He could be an ALT to Track Flamingo to appear in one of his video's but seeing Airpods was there before Flamingo it's probably not True.


  • Last online 3 years ago
  • has 40 place visits
  • following no one
  • 51 friend's
Where he loookin
  • Last badge collected in "Paradise Life" called "Stacking Up"
  • The first badge was "You Played!" being in a game called "Blox Paradise"

Quotes []

  • "wrap say his smack"
  • "say hes talk smack"
  • "Wrap say how he smack"
  • "now get"
  • "I was going to say his Mac and I was gonna smack him around the cheek"
  • " Wrap "
  • " Go bay "
  • "You don't know how to wrap"
  • "You can't wrap"
  • "Now"


Belive it not he has a fanbase of Remixes and just Animation video's of him. (its very few might I add)

Wrap say his smack (REMIX):

Wrap say he smack - Flamingo Animation: