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Airplane is a series of Roblox Story Games created by Ponchokings.


The Airplane is a game series which consists of three games. The games are story games where several events happen while the story is being told and players must survive and work together to see the ending. The decisions of the players affect the gameplay and can lead to multiple endings.


All of the three games start with elevators which players have to go to start the game. Through the games, there are several events where something supernatural happens and players have to fulfil a task in order to survive. The games also have multiple choices and dialogues, which can drastically change the story depending on the player choice.

Airplane Stories[]


As the game suggests, you start in an airplane. Once all the players spawn, they are given a plane seat number. The captain of the plane tells everyone to sit in their seats. If the player doesn't, they will lose their health. The crew members offer some sandwiches. A player will be randomly chosen and they will say that they don't feel well. The other players will have to look for medicine for the player. If the players fail to find the medicine, the player chosen will die. The game continues either way. The players are then told to sit down back in their seats. Eventually, the lights will flicker, as the plane lost energy. A black creature with red eyes appears on the right wing of the plane. It then says, "YOU. WILL. NOT. SURVIVE." The lights flicker once again, and snakes spawn on the floor. The players will then have to go in an open bathroom so they are safe.

The lights later turn back on and the snakes disappear, along with the black creature. The captain says that he has good news and bad news. The good news is that the power is back in and the bad news is that they are losing a good amount of oxygen. The players are required to get an oxygen mask. If a player fails to get a oxygen mask in time, the player dies. A bomb then appears on a random player's torso. The players have to find an object to cut the cables of the bomb in order to save the player. If failed, the player dies. They later encounter the creature/monster once again in the captain's room, where the captain is unconscious. The creature says, "YOU. WILL. PAY. FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE." and then says, "YOU THINK YOU ARE HERE ON ACCIDENT BUT YOU'RE NOT." then, "I BROUGHT YOU HERE."

The creature says that it is time to die. The players are then required to press buttons in order to put the plane on auto pilot. The players find the emergency phone. They call for help because of what happened, and the crew members say that they are going to get them home safely. However, a player has to drive the plane. The creature then appears again, and the person in the driver's seat of the plane has to choose between crashing the plane or landing the plane safely. Choosing to crash the plane will cause the bad ending and landing the plane will cause the good ending. The player will still get a badge regardless of the option chosen.

Airplane 2[]

Like the last game, you spawn in an airplane. However, this plane is different from the last game's plane and is smaller. The players are told to sit down in their seats which have their usernames on them. The plane than does a barrel roll. The pilot tells the players that the president is waiting for them in the next room. Upon entering the next room, there is two men in a room with a glass window. The men look like spies. They have a conversation.

"And remember, no one should know about this!"

They then disappeared. The players wonder what they were doing but then the door to the next room opens. The agent that opened the door tells them that the president will be in there soon, because he is getting ready. The players are allowed to get a water from the table. Someone spills the water and the agent says that the president is going to be mad if he finds out, so the players have to clean it up, unless the player who spilled the water was going to get locked up for the rest of the flight. After they clean the mess, the agent says that the president is waiting for them. They go into the next room. Ronald, the president says that there is a special meal being prepared for the occasion. The agent says that the chef messed up. A random player is chosen, and they have to cook the meal. If the player fails, they die.

The meal is then on the table. The players now have to sit down in the seats. After they are done eating, the agent says that that Ronald had to leave early and will meet the players in the presidential suite. The players are then told by the agent to make their way to the Computer Room. The players are then required to find out a code using the computers. After that, they go into the presidential suite. Ronald says that the players can sleep in his suite. The players then see the certain opening and see a monster that looks similar to the one in the previous game. The monster sets a fire in the plane and the players are required to run away from it. Once they have escaped the fire, they are now in a room that looks like a closet. Suddenly, the fire comes from the floor and the players are required to climb on something high up.

The fire then disappears. The pilot calls on the phone that is in the room and she says that the players have to go to the pilot cabin. The monster than appears again and says that that the players won't escape this time. The players are then chased by the monster. The door to the pilot cabin is then open. The pilot says that the monster used to be a human but no one liked him and he had no friends. She adds saying that he was obsessed with planes, but in a 'scary way'. She then adds that he likes reading news about plane crashes. She says that he wanted to crash a plane himself, but the day he was going to do it, he died from a heart attack, and his spirit chases people like the players/passengers, because he blames them for his death. The pilot says that the monster could be an agent, or even Ronald, because the monster can take many forms. The pilot gives the players a gun. The pilot says that the players must discover who the monster was the whole time and to shoot him. A random player is chosen to shoot.

Ronald says that he and the agent have been looking for the players for a while. They notice the gun and tell the selected player to put the gun down. The player doesn't listen and has to shoot either one of them. The player is required to chose who to shoot. If the player has selected correctly, they will shoot the agent. If they chose incorrectly, they will shoot Ronald. If they kill Ronald, the agent will reveal himself as the monster, and the plane will be crashed, like how in his story, he wanted to crash a plane but couldn't because he died before he could do so. The players will receive the bad ending.

If the agent is killed, the players will receive the good ending.

Airplane 3[]