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Adriana was a Robloxian who first appeared in I used Roblox ADMIN to make a TERRIBLE store....


Adrianacutepoodog was a single mother raising her son, Jason. A customer visited Die Mart and requested Albert to eliminate Adriana due to her rejecting him. Adriana was the sole[1][2] casualty, being killed by Albert.


Initially, when Davidiscool31301 was first in line, he remarked, "maybe ill choose that girl who rejected me," referring to Adrianacutepoodog. Die Mart Employee opted to seek Adriana, a single mother residing in a yellow house with her son, Jason.

Upon first sighting, she appeared to be in distress. When Albert teleported her to her home, she inquired, "Who are u?" Albert identified himself as a Die Mart Employee and explained that he was conducting a personal round involving either Jason or her demise. Albert, now equipped with the Golden Steampunk Gloves, proceeded to attack Adriana and Jason. Subsequently, he used a sword against Adriana, yet neither attack seemed to work.

Once Adriana was outside, the Golden Steampunk Gloves appeared to take effect. Adriana, upon Albert's approach to the door, locked it and fled. Resorting to Btools, Albert created an opening in her house. Adriana, cried from the Golden Steampunk Gloves' impact, pleaded, "Kill me." Albert unsheathed his sword and ultimately ended her life.

In her distress, she called for help from Luke, Max, and :), unaware that Die Mart Employee was present. She exclaimed, "Because a girl is trying to kill me." Albert attacked her outside the store, and she was not observed again throughout the remainder of the video.


Adriana wears a rosewood-colored sleeveless crop top with a black choker. She wears over-the-stomach bleached jeans with white and black tennis shoes. Her hair is long, blond hair that bangs tucked behind the ear.


  • She has an son named Jason.
  • She misspelled "princess" in her role-play name.