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Adam Pelka (known better online as Speedy2662 or Speedy) is one of Albert's current editors who was first mentioned in MAKING A NEW ROBLOX CHANNEL HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT but he made his physical debut in WE CRASH A VERY PRIVATE ROBLOX PARTY.


He is a 21 year old 1,87m tall (6'2) male with blonde hair mostly going backwards with a brown beard and a skinny torso. His appearance in real life is somewhat inspired by his Roblox avatar as he is seen to be wearing the Crazy Game Dev Hair and the Andrew's Beard with the ROBLOX Boy bundle and the Speedy Short Sleeve Blue Speedy and Leather Pants Nike Shoes w Chain.

Affiliation with Flamingo[]

Adam is one of Albert's editors along with Paige and ZNac. He was mentioned in a video on AlbertsStuff discussing about his new channel, Flamingo. Adam's real name was unknown at the time of the beginning of Albert's new channel. Adam normally comes back to play with Albert and continues to edit Albert's videos but is also doesn't do it as often due to the fact that Paige and ZNac are also being his editors for some videos.


Outside of editing for Flamingo, Adam has his own YouTube channel. His first video was where he made a Brooklyn-Nine-Nine intro parody of the Yogscast crew which really showed off his editing skills. Outside of that, he did gaming videos mainly consisting of Minecraft and Super Mario Maker until he played Phantom Forces on May 28, 2016, with a video called "Speedy Plays - ROBLOX - Phantom Forces!" He continued to play Roblox and eventually became a mostly Roblox channel with a little Super Mario Maker 2 and Minecraft. He has 130k subscribers and 5,420,696 views as of August 8, 2023.

Personal Life[]

Adam currently resides in Peterborough, UK with a border collie named Zack.


  • He is 1 of 4 people who are ranked "best friends" in The Flamingo Fan Club. The other three are Temprist, Jokerkid5898, and G0Z.
  • He has a Roblox group called Speedy's Community. (seen in 5th group)
  • Speedy2662 have been invited into the ball of Masqueraze and thus have some importance to the Roblox Myth Hunters due to the rarity of getting into his ball and the fact it will help them solve the Shadelight mystery.
  • He has a poster seen in Albert Aretz's Office.