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Ackistan, also known as the United States of Cleetus or Cleetusistan, is a fictitious Robloxian country established by Cleetus (Albert). It gained its independence when it seceded from the Imperial Robloxian Federation (now known as the Immortal Robloxian Federation) on 16 August 2018. Ackistan was first mentioned in the video ROBLOX CLEETUS RAID.


Ackistan can trace its origins back to August 16, 2018, when Cleetus visited an unnamed town of the Imperial Robloxian Federation and gathered with his supporters in the middle of town to discuss the future establishment of a new country. Together with his supporters they began to think of a name for this future country: Cleetusistan, United States of Cleetus or Ackistan. In the end Ackistan won over the other names, the same day following their agreement on the name Ackistan Cleetus with his supporters launched an uprising against the IRF and attacked the border checkpoint slaughtering anyone trying to oppose them.

In the aftermath of the uprising Cleetus announces the establishment of Ackistan and succeeded from the Imperial Robloxian Federation. On March 21, 2020, Ackistan purchases an island in the middle of the ocean in Animal Crossing.

National Anthem


National Anthem of Ackistan (that one meme flamingo made) (2nd most viewed video)

National Anthem of Ackistan

Ackistan, like most countries, has its own national anthem. It was first seen and heard in ROBLOX BIG BOY... The anthem is taken from a Midi remix of the famous meme song “All Star” by Smash Mouth


List of appearances

  • ROBLOX CLEETUS RAID (First appearance, Mentioned Only)
  • ROBLOX BIG BOY... (Mentioned Only)
  • Albert / Flamingo plays ANIMAL CROSSING
  • Famous thing in the world, is... CLEETUS' GOLDEN SHOTGUN!


  • Since Cleetus declared unilateral independence from the Imperial Robloxian Federation and established the United States of Cleetus this would mean that August 16, 2018, would be its Independence Day.
  • A museum called "KADEN FUMBLEBOTTOM'S FAMOUS THINGS" has a lot of stuff in there.
  • The name "Ackistan" is most likely based on the country known as Pakistan.
  • It might also be a reference to the “stan” countries found in Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, etc.). Ironically, most of those countries also split up from the former Soviet Union, which the Immortal Roblox Federation took heavy inspiration from.
  • The head of Cleetus being surrounded by 4 pigeon heads could be a reference to the flag of the People's Republic of China.