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AckMcBaklava is a fashion designer and alternate account made by Albert which appeared in 'I made a Roblox fashion group and sold the WORST clothes'.


AckMcBacklava was created so that Albert could sell clothes purely for their design rather than for his name. She has her own group called 'Designs by AckMcBaklava', though the group store is currently empty. She has made three designs but the first one has been content deleted and the other two are off-sale.


AckMcBaklava has the woman body with the default smile and chestnut bun. She wears the pink pants and her own iconic shirt design, the 'Lollipop shirt'.


  • AckMcBaklava was originally going to be called BloblyLasagna before Albert changed it since he figured people would realize it's him.
  • Her fashion group logo is a chill face with Gucci sunglasses.
  • As of April 2024, the account has 6.9K followers and the group has 14K+ members.