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AbcItsfunnehfan2 (@abcltsfunnehfan2) is a mischievous player who appears in ROBLOX NOW HAS SNAPCHAT....


AbcItsfunnehfan2's current appearance has light skin, and wears the Grey Striped Shirt with Denim Jacket. She has no hair equipped.

When she is seen in Albert's video, her real avatar is a regular acorn hair. However, in LifeTogether (the game the video is focused on) she has orange hair and light skin. She also is seen wearing a dark blue shirt, a short, black skirt, and brown boots. Around 3 minutes into the video, she starts sending images of a dark figure with no visible facial features.


AbcItsfunnehfan2 is first seen as she runs up to Albert, takes a picture of him, and sends it to him with a caption of "🤣🤣🤣". She then begins spam calling him despite being very close. As Albert messes with other people, she keeps pestering him. Albert responds by doing a similar thing to what was done to him at the start. He takes a picture of AbcItsfunnehfan2, and sends it to her with the caption "so ugly". Albert enjoys annoying her for the little time he can.

AbcItsfunnehfan2 begins chasing Albert while calling him, leading to Albert figuring out how to block her. When she is blocked, she somehow still messages Albert, sending him a strange image showing a dark figure standing next to wildchild201607. The dark figure was presumed to still be AbcItsfunnehfan2, but her avatar had never changed to the figure in the image. After receiving a second one of these images, Albert threatens AbcItsfunnehfan2 with a gun, and we never see her for the rest of the video.


  • AbcItsfunnehfan2 seems unaware of her appearance in Albert's video, as she seems to only pester him for his avatar.
  • AbcItsfunnehfan2 has obtained a badge from an inappropriate game that has since been deleted.