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abbyclxire was a player who appeared in "I ruined this Roblox resturant". She was a member of the Board of Executives in Kohau resturant. Not much is known about her but she is a Roblox clothing fashion designer, owning a group with more than 10,000 members. She was summoned by a lower rank after Albert was reported for serving water to customers (A Common Practice Worldwide). She enraged Albert Aretz after having said, "Oh. The moment when you fail at point cheating. </3". After the video was posted she received major hate and was attacked by fans, who even made entire usernames slandering her.


"Um, I was reading chat."

"Point cheating?"

"Was it fungun?"

"Thanks for informing me."

"[???] was doing /handto. Does that command work?"

"Because the actual command is !handto."

"Oh. The moment when you fail at point cheating. </3"

"Alright, I'll keep an eye out for that."


Trigger warning, Harassment, Death Threats, Cyber-Bullying topics ahead, click "Show More" to view.

After the video came out, numerous accounts with names such as "abbyclxireTRASHHH" and "abbyclxire_getalife2" started following her. This still continued, with some users even going so far as to make accounts named things meant to be death threats, such as "abbyclxire_shudDIE" and "abbyclxire_Killher". Due to Flamingo's young impressionable and immature audience, they likely had no clue how messed up this was at the time.

Not just this, but the hate she was receiving caused her to make her YouTube channel inactive and change the description to "This channel is inactive and hasn't been used since February 2020. If you're a degenerate kid from the Flamingo video, I suggest you go simp for Albert someplace else. 'imAgiNE fAILinG aT pOInt chEAtiNG' We're not gonna talk about your parents' failed marriage, you're not ready for that conversation."

She received some support from many accounts later, but has still not fully repaired the irreversible damage that Abbyclxire recieved.


  • AbbyClxire recieved multiple hate accounts because of her just doing her job as intended.
  • On an unrelated video made by AbbyClxire's second accidental channel, her video got 35 dislikes, presumably from the haters.