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"Be my son" - Abby to Albert

Abby is a mom at Paradise Island RP, she is first seen at the supermarket, albert talks to her, she says "Be my son" albert agrees. she gets into her Volkswagen Beetle and drives terribly. he then recreates how his mother disappeared by snapping her away, killing her. the video cuts to the chat, showing Meamelia2468, she then calls meamelia1468 a redhead, even though she is one, Meamelia ends up kidnapping albert, runs Abby over and kills her, and then flexes, albert turns into GONER and Redrum's Meamelia2468. (deserved) and also destroys his house. the Mayor, (Taylor29265) pulls out a heart tool, wihch reveals that she likes him, Abert turns into GONER and Redrum's her too. Albert meets alexjai2018, (he is hot) and adopts Albert. he turns into Fridge and murders alexjai2018.


  • Abby's username is unknown.
  • Abby the mom


    she is dumb since she called a black and white haired guy a redhead.