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This Single and rich bully that needs a lot of boy is a roleplayer Albert met in the "Roblox admin gave noobs WEAPONS to see what they'd do..." video.


I'm a single rich bully needs a lot of boy is a girl Albert saw at the beginning of the video above. She only appeared for a couple of seconds in it and had no impact on what happened in the video. She never spoke. Albert joined the server at the start of the video and he noticed her. He started making jokes about her saying that Flamingo's channel is all about her. Her username wasn't shown.


Meanie because she is a bully. And a lot of money because she is rich


  • This woman need a lot of boys.
  • She is very mean
  • She has a lot of money
  • She is the richest noob in Life In Paradise as rich as I'm so rich
  • It is suspected her username is "getloose_zya" as that username can be seen switching teams as she walks through the teen door
  • she is single so she can get a lot of boy