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- AMAR when Alex got all the attention for being Bule face.

Blue Face a.k.a. AMAR is a rapper that appeared in the Island Life Show.


While Albert was running the Island Life Show interviewing people in the server, AMAR and his (now ex) girlfriend Janet where snooping around the stage and Albert had to kill them many times. That changed when Alex came in. At the time no-one knew that AMAR was Blue Face the rapper and that Alex was Blue Face's brother a.k.a. Bule Face. After Alex stopped rapping and told the audience how he gets girls, AMAR comes by with Janet again but this time, Alex stole his girl. Janet without hesitation went for Alex. At that point the audience knew that Alex was Blue Face's brother a.k.a. Bule Face. But no-one knew that AMAR was THE BLUE FACE this whole time. AMAR screamed out "JANET IS MY #######" (presumably girlfriend). After that Alex left Janet and said "Sike im leaving her you cant trust no girl". After that AMAR got dripped out wanting Janet back. When the interview with Alex/Bule Face ended and Alex left the game, AMAR revealed that HE IS THE BLUE FACE RAPPER. The audience was shocked that Alex betrayed his brother by stealing his girl. Albert asks Janet if she wants AMAR back and she said "no". The show ended with a bang when Albert shot both of them and nuked the server ending the video there.


He looked like he cared for Janet since he did everything to get her back. Nothing else is known about him.

Relationship with Alex[]

Some could assume that Alex was a traitor for stealing his brother's girl. But he actually did AMAR a favor. Janet looked to be a gold digger and she also did not hesitate to leave AMAR for Alex. She even said before "i need a boy" even though she was with AMAR.


  • Just like Alex and Janet, AMAR's username wasn't shown. It is unknown if he is active today.
  • Janet might as well have been his daughter based on one of his lines. But this does not explain why his frist message was tagged. It also does not explain why Janet said "no" to taking back AMAR.



"JANET IS MY ########"