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AFK until someone donates 500k is a game Albert played in the video "Going AFK in Roblox until I'm donated 500k".


AFK until someone donates 500k is a game used to give robux to Modern_Chris. During May 2021, the experience was made private and can no longer be played. The game's title was also replaced with a period.




Wispy: R$370,000

Archi_tecture: R$230,000

inkwaves - R$101,000

script_ing - R$100,000

pivotgrind - R$80,000

d5no - R$75,000

and no, i don't know why this game is so popular


AFK until someone donates 500k[]

First, you spawn in the baseplate if you move forward there will be a robux donator, next to it will be the top donator dancing with the "around town" emote and a rainbow name tag.

next to the side will be a treehouse, behind the map will be a small obstacle course.


5 robux donation = 5 robux

10 robux donation = 10 robux

100 robux donation = 100 robux

1,000 robux donation = 1,000 robux

10,000 robux donation = 10,000 robux


  • The game's name was changed from "AFK until someone donates 500k" to " AFK until someone donates 1M" on an unknown date. On May 17, 2021, the game was made private and is now named "." or "unnamed" in the game link.
  • The creator (Modern_Chris) has a channel, with 94k+ subscribers as of 21 April 2021