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ACKACKACK823 was one of Albert's alternate accounts.


ACKACKACK823 was one of Albert's most used accounts, along with GeanaSHUTUPSCDFIOJKN and mrflimflam. It was hacked by a user named Airflakez after Albert had accidentally leaked the password to many of his alts.

To hide this, Airflakez changed the name of his account many times. However, he didn't know that Albert could check the audit log of his Roblox group, Flamingo's fans, which then revealed that Airflakez was donating Robux to himself through ACK. This led him to believe that Airflakez was behind the hacking. Albert eventually got the account back, but the damage was done.

ACK used to wear clothes. However, as of the hacking, has been wearing 'half blue pants'.