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ABANDONED OFFICES  is a game created by MISSING_INVESTIGATOR, a member of the Grocery Gang Roblox group. The game is known for making the debut of the infamous character PICASSO.



- bbungdex for helping revamping MaF


The game is pretty simple: It was a grey office with computers and machines. The only thing you could do in the game was remove blue cards from a machine and put them in another machine. The game had PICASSO as the boss and, whenever you stopped work to look at him, he would yell "DO YOUR WORK! I DON'T HAVE ALL DAY YOU FOOLS!" while a disturbing audio would play for a few seconds.

After PICASSO went missing, the game was revamped and, instead of an office, all it had was a flat world, fog and a vending machine.

After MISSING_INVESTIGATOR's death, ABANDONED OFFICES and DESCENT INTO MADNESS were closed to the public, making it impossible for normal players to play it.