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5z5trrhjff is a Roblox player who had tried to ruin cart riders and fling them off in Flamingo's "CART RIDE FOR FREE ADMIN" game.


First appearing in the CART RIDE FOR FREE ADMIN game, 5z5trrhjjf was first seen trying out the Mr. Krabs morph and resetting, which Albert said that he didn't like it, and then feeling he should ban him for disliking it, complaining it took him a long time to steal that morph. Fortunately for him, he was the first player to reach the Winners base in about 20 minutes (presumably) while everyone else weren't able to, mainly because they kept falling off the carts. A while after, 5z discovered the Fly tool, which enabled him to jump and "fly" around the area, giving him the power to mess people up when he wishes. Later on, when Albert is about to drop a boulder on TherealJayden20, he sees 5z falling from the Winners base, which he then says "that guy just..." and never finished that sentence. A while after that, Albert sees bluefacedbaby3211262 riding to the end, noting that he had a girl with him earlier. At that moment, 5z falls from the air and lands onto his cart, with the sole intention of speeding him off the tracks. Albert wasn't in agreement with his plan, saying that it's his job to mess up people. After he fell, Albert got enraged and decided to ban 5z, messaging him "Your Roblox account will be BANNED if you continue". He then says that he will be freaked out when he gets that message, but also saying he's teaching him a valuable lesson through lies. He is never mentioned after this.


Only appearing in this video, he wore the Ripped Skater Pants, as well as other free items, like the Jade Necklace and the Denim Jacket with White Sleeves shirt. He also had the True Blue Hair and Frosting Flyers wings.

Today, he currently wears the Blonde Spiked Hair, the Cythrex Sword on his back, the Red Corrupted face, as well as Evil Hoodie Vamp Emo shirt and Red and White Adidas pants and shoes.


  • Despite not being in the Flamingo Fan Club, he has bought the Flamingo Beanie.

His current avatar