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''This dude has stayed in here out of pure rage and hatred towards me for what i did to him'' -Albert

53y1z2 is a player that first appears in Getting my ROBLOX fans to VOTE EVERYONE OFF..., and was the first person to be voted off during the game. He stayed in the rest of the game just to see Albert getting voted off. However, during the end of the video, Albert won the game and it made 53y1z2 get up from his seat and jumped into the sky.


53y1z2's current profile is seen wearing the Rthro animation package ,Motherboard Visor, Book Wings, Chill face, Man Head, Frostee’s Drone, Cisco’s Headphones, The Boy Package (Except for the head), ROBLOX 'R' Baseball Cap, Bloxysaurus Rawx, and the ROBLOX Jacket.

53y1z2 's profile in the video is seen wearing The Rthro animation package, Motherboard Visor, Book Wings, Silly Fun Face, Man Head, The Boy Package (Except for the Head), Ripped Skater Pants, ROBLOX 'R' Baseball Cap, and the ROBLOX Jacket.


  • Hes isn't in any ROBLOX group as of August 13, 2021
  • He has 171 Friends and 5,162 Followers as of August 13, 2021